January 28, 2014

I am delighted that you have chosen to listen tomy NOTES ON ACTING podcasts ng but I hope you understand that my goal in providing these thoughtss isto help you learn your craft so you can listen to  and trust your own acting instincts.  to have a career as an actor you must be ablle to work on your own and be able to handle any kind of acting challenge. It is particularly true that you must be self-reliant when working in television where there might be many different voices giving directions and in theatre with a weak director who has little to offer you, you must still create strong ,believable three dimensional characters.  That is your job regardless of the situation you find yourself in. To do this you must develop your acting instincts and  trust yourself.  The difficulty is this trust comes from working.  The more you work the stronger your acting instincts get.  Its like that old conundrum to get an agent you must be workingbut to get work you have to have an agent.  In the case of developing your acting instincts you need to be working in classes, on small projects, in student films.  It doesn’t matter what you do just get to work.  I assure you that the more you do the better you will get and the better your instincts will become and the easier it will be to trust yourself  So turn off your computer and get into an acting class and do as much work as you possibly can the more you work the more you will trust yourself.  At first you may have to actjustike you know what you are doing .  Since you are an actor that shouldn’t be too difficult.  Imagine how your favorite actor would approach the role in one of my acting classes students would say”what would Gary OLdman do?  How would he get into this character?  Then they woul try to imagine his process and do it. so use your imagination to help you.

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