Notes-On-Acting 1400If you have listened to my podcasts you know that I think you should be able to read a script carefully and pull out story and character clues to guide your work. You don’t have to be a scholar but you must be analytical and disciplined so you can find a doorway for yourself into the script. If a choice you make feels wrong don’t worry about it, for as jazz musician Miles Davis said, “Don’t worry about mistakes there aren’t any.” If something that feels wrong or uncomfortable see it as an opportunity to explore and find something new, at the audition. Don’t try to think your way into a character. Find the element that allows you to embody the person, some movement, posture or gesture that allows you to slip inside the character without having to think through every line reading or choice–sometimes over- thinking things only serves to paralyze you as you try to pick the right answer out of a bouquet of choices. Even if you knew everything the producer was thinking it wouldn’t help you because his or her mind is changing. Each actor he or she sees makes him or her rethink the role so there is no way you can think your way though the audition trying to guess what they are looking for, there is too much to know and it is changing all the time which is why the only thing you can do is stop thinking and play the hell out of the script. Let your Actor’s intuition guide your play and respond to the words and situations, let your own character shine through and people will cast you.


Listen to Stop Thinking and Nail That Audition



i recommend the bookthe dude and the Zen master by jeff bridges and bernie glassman for more valuable tips on acting from the heart


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