is an online resource that gives actors the information to make the characters they create textured, alive, and interesting to watch. Whether you are working in theatre, film, or television, whether you are taking an acting class or not, whether you are working professionally or as a hobby, you will find the site helpful and thought provoking.

In Notes On Acting, author and acting teacher Eric Barr, provides weekly podcasts on topics related to acting.  These podcasts are approximately 5 minutes long and are archived so you can revisit them as needed.

Podcasts on acting techniques examine different approaches to acting and offer you alternatives as you prepare for performance opportunities.  Podcasts on handling the text help you to get inside a script and to make the words your own.  Podcasts on the actor’s body help you to understand tempo-rhythm, posture, and movement so you can make the appropriate physical choices to reveal the inner life of your character.  Podcasts on building a role provide specific approaches to building and playing a character and to working with actors and directors. Finally, podcasts on the actor’s spirit examine courage and motivation and provide you with inspiration and support through the good times and the bad.

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On the Bookshelf you will find great resources to help you learn about acting from the masters of the craft.  Check the Recommendations for resources and events of interest and value to actors.

Acting is a rich and complex art form that utilizes every part of you. is your place to examine and think about the work.  Visit regularly and share it with your friends.

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